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Greetings, collectors and visitors.  The 2013 show season was a huge success for Moon Dog Studio.  Many sales of both paper cuts and paintings mean more new Moon Dog collectors were added to a growing list.

Significantly, the Moon Dog took First Place in 75% of the juried shows entered in 2013.  I am confident that this trend will continue through the upcoming 2014 season as I enter new venues to increase Moon Dog exposure.

If you are already on the Moon Dog e-mail list, you will receive updates of upcoming events in which the Moon Dog will be participating.  Show info will also be posted here.  If you would like to be added to the Moon Dog Preferred Patron List, click on the “Contact” tab above and send me an e-mail.

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Find more of my work at Yard Dog gallery in Austin, TX and also at Smith Studio and Gallery in Geneseo, IL and now at Main Gallery 404 in downtown Bloomington, IL

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